We take special pride in the fact that we can provide our customers with exceptional service year round. Like everything else we do here at Coastal Lawn & Landscape, we work hard to ensure that we are being as efficient as possible while still mainting our high levels of quality service. When devising a snow removal plan for a property, commercial or residential, we work with our customers to ensure that we implement the best snow removal strategy so as to provide you with minial interference during your busy day.


Sand vs. Salt for De-Icing Purposes…

Applying abrasives dry is of limited value in providing lasting friction enhancement. This represents a substantial change in current practice. Nonetheless, the results of a variety of studies are unequivocal in finding that abrasives applied to roads where significant traffic travels at high speeds are swept off the road rapidly, remaining in place (and providing friction enhancement) for somewhere between 10 and 100 vehicle passages, at most. “A “solution” that dissipates after one or a few dozen cars pass is hardly a solution at all.”

– Iowa Department of Transportation and the Iowa Highway Research Bo